Traditional methods of treating colds

Traditional methods of treating colds

Traditional methods of treating colds

Autumn, season of ARVI and ARI. When we, or our loved ones, fall ill, it's very unpleasant, and that we want to urge obviate the unpleasant ailment as soon as possible.

Most people attend a doctor once they feel unwell, but there are those that like better to heal themselves with the assistance of a spread of folks remedies.

It is believed that the treatment of influenza or other acute respiratory viral infections with various infusions or decoctions of herbs, albeit it doesn't bring the specified effect, it certainly cannot harm health. However, this opinion is wrong. Many plants or collections of plants have a really strong therapeutic effect, sometimes even stronger than an artificial drug within the sort of tablets or granules.

Therefore, treatment with folk remedies can both alleviate your condition with a chilly and cause serious harm to your health.

In order for treatment with folk remedies to bring the specified effect, you ought to adhere to the subsequent rules:

1. Whatever method of treatment with folk remedies you select, whether it's treatment with infusions or decoctions, rubbing with various ointments or inhalation with various herbs and oils, you would like to recollect the most thing - first you would like to consult a doctor, and only then start treatment with folk remedies.

After all, unfortunately, it's not uncommon for those that fell ill on the recommendation of their friends, or after reading on the web about an efficient way of treating colds with folk remedies, don't take under consideration the characteristics of their body and therefore the side effects of traditional medicines, find yourself during a single bed.

2. If your doctor has approved the utilization of a folk remedy for the treatment of colds, don't exceed the recommended dosage or frequency of taking the drug.

3. If, against the background of treatment of a chilly with folk remedies, your condition worsened, you ought to immediately stop taking this remedy.

As a rule, with an uncomplicated cold illness, you'll use such general tonic folk remedies as:

Tea or a decoction of chamomile. Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect, and together with linden and natural honey, it's an honest remedy for colds. you'll also add cranberries or lemon to a decoction or chamomile tea.

Ginger root tea. Ginger root is rich in vitamins and minerals, and also features a weak anti-inflammatory effect.

Uzvar from dried fruits. This vitamin remedy for colds also features a tonic effect. Dried apples, pears, plums, apricots, cherries, strawberries are good for the uzvar.

Rosehip infusion. Rosehip infusion may be a well-known adjuvant for the treatment of colds.

If desired, honey are often added to such an infusion.

If the blood heat isn't elevated, then inhalations with eucalyptus or mint leaves can alleviate the overall condition with a runny nose and cough.

To combat a chillyyou'll use an answer of aloe juice. Aloe juice has anti-inflammatory and tonic properties, and also helps to moisturize the nasal mucosa.

Herbal preparations that have an expectorant effect when coughing include infusions of root, plantain leaves, or mother and stepmother leaves.

There are many people remedies for the treatment of colds, but even the simplest of them are going to be ineffective if you are doing not follow bed, drinking, and other recommendations of your doctor.

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