headache home remedy 7 Easy Products to Get Rid of Headache

 headache home remedy 7 Easy Products to Get Rid of Headache
Headache home remedy the way to adjust your diet so as to not "torment your head"? Says the top of the Department of Metabolic Diseases of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Nutrition and Nutrition and Biotechnology, the most freelance specialist nutritionist of the Central administrative district, Doctor of Medical Sciences Andrei Sharafetdinov.

Headache home remedy 7 Easy Products to urge obviate Headache

What eating disorders can cause headaches?
Food intolerance or allergyalso an individual sensitivity to certain foods. So, food intolerance can happen with a spread of symptoms, including headaches. In 25% of individuals with migraines, seizures are often caused by the utilization of provocateurs. it's difficult to specify a selected list, there are tons of them, each patient is different. However, the connection of nutrition and headaches initially glance isn't obvious, so as to determine it, an assessment should be administered by a specialist. Although, of course, the person himself can track the looks of a headache after a selected meal and adjust his diet.

A sharp decrease in blood glucosethis will be caused by severe dietary restrictions, but also occurs with DM, when hypoglycemia develops.

Dehydration But again, not only during a situation where an individual drinks little. Some diseases also are amid loss of fluid within the body, and thus the looks of headaches are feasible.

Lack of vitamins, minerals, for instance, potassium, magnesium, calcium et al. within the diet. for instancethere's evidence of a relationship between headache and vitamin D deficiency. However, only a healthy nutrition specialist or dietitian can assess whether an individual features a deficiency of those compounds.

Alcohol consumption. Under the influence of alcohol, the vessels first expand sharply, then narrow, blood, and oxygen enter the tissues less. Plus, if you drink an excessive amount of, dehydration develops. All this, also as individual sensitivity to certain drinks, also can cause headaches.

Products containing tyramine. During prolonged storage and processing, a substance called tyramine is made within the products. These are cheeses, especially with mold, tinned meat, sausages, smoked meats, red wine. Against the background of their consumption, some people may experience a headache. Tyramine is additionally formed in expired, spoiled (rotting) products.

Ginger (or ginger tea). it's an anti-inflammatory effect, restores vascular tone, improves blood circulation. you'll put a pinch of ginger in tea or boil fresh ginger root, dig thin petals, with boiling water.

Juicy fruits, berries or watermelon (in the recent season). especially, watermelon is 90% water. Cucumbers, tomatoes are rich in liquid. They, too, can structure for the loss of water and minerals.

Juicy fruits

Fish, seafood. They contain polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 family, which help fight inflammatory processes, including headaches that provoke them.

Nuts (almonds, cashews, pinecones), seeds. They contain magnesium (also often present within the composition of painkillers and sedatives), which improves blood circulation, helps normalize vital signs, blood and oxygen more enter the brain cells, reducing headache.


Dairy products - milk, pot cheese, kefir, yogurt. A calcium source, the shortage of which doesn't only cause a rise within the risk of developing disorders in calcium metabolism (rickets in children; poor muscle and skeleton development in youth; rapid loss of a slender figure in adulthood; osteoporosis, excruciating bone pain, hip fractures within the older and advanced age), but also can be related to a rise in vital sign and, as a result, with headaches.

Whole grain products (cereals, for instancerice, oatmeal, millet, buckwheat, wholemeal bread). Rich in B vitamins, which positively affect the state of the systema nervosum, help fight bad mood. Indeed, often the explanation for a headache is overwork and stress. additionally, sources of complex carbohydrates are involved in metabolic processes, the functioning of all body systems, especially the alimentary canal. And digestive disorders also can be manifested by headaches.

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